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Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

The GBIO Working Group is a committee formed in the fall of 2020 to spearhead and guide Emunah’s new membership in the GBIO – Greater Boston Interfaith Organization. The GBIO is a broad-based organization that works for the public good by coalescing, training, and organizing people across religious, racial, ethnic, class, and neighborhood lines. By engaging thousands of people in identifying important problems and using proven organizing methods to engage and develop leaders, GBIO has built and demonstrated collective strength to achieve a wide variety of goals. Every congregational member of GBIO has a GBIO core team, or working group, who represents the values and interests of that congregation in GBIO’s broader platform, and who brings the power of that congregation to fight for systemic change in solidarity with diverse GBIO members across the greater Boston area.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in Emunah’s GBIO Working Group, please contact Stan Wolf, Arleen Chase, or Hannah Arwe.

Lexington Interfaith Garden

The Lexington Interfaith Garden was created by the Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association. Volunteers from the different faith groups work at the garden.  The food goes to the Lexington Food Pantry for distribution to needy Lexingtonians.

For more information and to get involved, please contact Larry Marin.

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