Glatzer Memorial Weekend

This year marks the 46th year since the inception of the Glatzer Fund and the initiation of Glatzer Memorial Weekend at Temple Emunah, an annual event that honors the memories of Anne and Nahum Glatzer, distinguished and active members of Temple Emunah. In their spirit, we bring eminent Jewish scholars to teach us and study with us.

We hope you will join us for a weekend of exploration, study and learning together.

This year, we partner with our Temple Emunah Keruv LGBTQ+ Inclusion Committee to bring this year’s Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Mike Moskowitz.



Friday, December 1, 2023

  • 5:30 pm – Kabbalat Shabbat services
  • 7 pm – dinner (reservation required)
  • 8 pm – after-dinner presentation: My Journey as an Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi and LGBTQ+ Activist

People are welcome to attend the Friday night talk without joining for dinner.

Rabbi Moskowitz will share what inspired him to combat homophobia and transphobia in religious communities publicly and what he has learned along the way that helps in advancing this holy cause.

Note: Teens are encouraged to attend this talk; there will be a dedicated Teen Table.

People are welcome to attend the Friday night talk without joining for dinner. The talk will begin at 8 pm.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

  • 9:30 am – Shabbat services
  • Shabbat morning D’var Torah – Classic Sources and New Understandings: LGBTQ+ Texts

Reclaiming classical Jewish texts in support of LGBTQ+ inclusion. Rabbi Moskowitz will share insights at the end of the service that will provide a new outlook on our sources.

  • 12 pm – Kiddush Lunch
  • 1 pm – post Kiddush talk – Creating an Inclusive and Welcoming Community for All

A text study at the intersection of allyship and spiritual practice based on the weekly portion (Parashat Vayishlah) examining how to create an inclusive and welcoming community. What role can individuals and communities play in creating a holy space in which all its members feel seen, valued, and safe.

  • 6 pm – Havdalah and Text Study with Rabba Wendy Amsellem (includes a complimentary light dinner)

Sunday, December 3, 2023

  • 9:45 am – Sunday morning brunch – teaching a classic Talmudic text: The Conflict Between Kamtza and Bar-Kamtza , relating this Talmud study to our times.
  • 11 am – Teen Brunch – Gender and Judaism: Special Teen Conversation and Learning with Rabbi Moskowitz.

About Rabbi Mike Moskowitz

Mike Moskowitz is the Scholar-in-Residence for Trans and Queer Jewish Studies at Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, the world’s largest LGBT synagogue.

He is a deeply traditional and radically progressive advocate for trans rights and a vocal ally for LGBTQ inclusivity. Rabbi Moskowitz received three Ultra-Orthodox ordinations while learning in the Mir in Jerusalem and BMG in Lakewood, NJ. He is a David Hartman Center Fellow, Wexner Field fellow, and the author of Textual Activism, Graceful Masculinity, and Seasonal Resistance. His newest book, Covenantal Allyship, will be available this fall. Rabbi Moskowitz’s writings can be found at

About Rabba Wendy Amsellem

Rabba Wendy Amsellem, teaches Talmud and Halakha at Maharat and is the Director of the Beit Midrash Program. She has also served as faculty for Drisha Institute and Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, and was a founding editor at The Lehrhaus. Rabba Wendy is the former Director of the Dr. Beth Samuels Drisha High School Program and she was the Rosh Kollel of the Drisha July Kollel. She has been a Wexner Graduate Fellow and a Mandel Jerusalem Fellow. Wendy is married to Rabbi Mike Moskowitz. Wendy is an alumna of the Drisha Scholars Circle and she has a AB in History and Literature from Harvard University.

About Professor Nahum and Anne Glatzer

Professor Nahum Glatzer and Anne Glatzer were long-standing members of Temple Emunah. Anne Glatzer was trained as a teacher and worked with students in Germany and then in the US, where she taught at the prestigious Shady Hill School for approximately 20 years. Until his death, Professor Glatzer was a religious leader at Temple Emunah, leading services and chanting Torah and Haftarah. In the academic world, Professor Glatzer was an internationally renowned scholar and teacher of Judaica. He was a disciple of Franz Rosenzweig and succeeded Martin Buber as the University of Frankfort Chair of Jewish Philosophy and Ethics. Professor Glatzer was a highly respected member of the faculties of Brandeis University and Boston University.

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