Emunah Connect

  • Are you entering or re-entering the work force?
  • Looking to change career directions?
  • Considering a new degree?
  • Starting a new business?
  • Thinking about retirement?

Emunah Connect provides opportunities for members to connect with one another to share their knowledge and exchange professional information.

We don’t often talk about our professional lives. Emunah Connect aims to fill that void. Many times, a uniquely qualified resource is sitting right next to us in shul, but we don’t know it. Similar to “LinkedIn,” Emunah Connect facilitates finding willing contacts in our synagogue community for help with professional advice.

Some of us seek advice, guidance, and/or information. Others possess knowledge and expertise and are willing to share this with a fellow temple member. Some of us are interested in both.

Family members are also invited to participate. If you have a family member (e.g., a recent college graduate who no longer lives at home), who might be interested, please provide their contact information and send to Ken Bruss.

To Participate:

  • To volunteer to be contacted by others about career questions, you can get into the Emunah Connect Directory by filling out this survey with your areas of expertise and contact information. The directory is updated every few weeks.
  • To engage with a volunteer about career guidance questions, reference the Emunah Connect Directory for the area of interest and contact information.


  • Any information collected will be restricted to Emunah Connect members only and will not be used for sales, solicitation, or marketing purposes.
  • The directory is only to be used by Temple Emunah members and their families.

Click here to access the Emunah Connect Directory.

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