Social Justice

Social Justice is a core value at Temple Emunah.  At Temple Emunah, our social justice opportunities vary within our synagogue community to address systems that affect the lives of the wider community. Click here for more information about our different committees. If you would like to get involved with these – or have ideas about other social justice opportunities – please be in touch with Social Justice Co-Chairs Alisa Kotler-Berkowitz and Matt Cohen.


The Keruv (Interfaith and LGBTQ+ Inclusion) Committee aims to make Temple Emunah welcoming and inclusive for ALL people who wish to participate in our community within the framework of Conservative Judaism without regard to race, ethnicity, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity. There is a broad spectrum of individuals and families in our community and we approach that diversity with great respect and are committed to building a community that understands and values our diverse world.

Click here to learn more about Keruv.

Hineni (Outreach)

Hineni is an outreach program for our own Emunah family. We will be there for you when you need us.

Hineni (translation: “Here I am“) is a volunteer program established to care for our Emunah family.  We assist congregants by preparing and delivering meals in time of sickness, as well as offering transportation for medical needs.  The committee is dedicated to helping our fellow congregants when the need arises. To receive emails regarding specific Hineni requests, email Jane Aronson.

The Hineni Connecting Team (HCT)

Temple Emunah’s Hineni Connecting Team (HCT) pairs together caring member volunteers with congregants in need. The HCT volunteers provide pastoral visits and telephone calls to our members who are homebound, or isolated. These visits and calls are made to congregants of all ages, including new mothers. For some congregants, these interactions do not replace the rabbinic visit or call but serve to enhance. Our HCT volunteers are matched with congregants who are living with frailty, chronic illness, or post-operation recovery, and need some support.

The HCT is well known for its Shabbat Bags, which are prepared lovingly and delivered during Shabbat visits to the home or hospital. The HCT delivers bags for bereavement and illness. A special highlight of the bags are healing shawls. These comforting shawls are handknit by our talented Hineni Knitters. The knitters also create baby blankets and caps, to help welcome our newest members!

The HCT visits are very beneficial in helping our congregants feel connected to their Emunah community. If you know an Emunah member who needs the help of the HCT or you would like to volunteer to join the HCT as a 1:1 match or to deliver bags, providing brief visits, please contact Linda Skolnik, HCT Coordinator.


The Israel Committee offers a variety of programs designed to strengthen the bonds between our community, Israel and Israelis (in Israel and locally) in all its diversity. In addition to programs such as Yom Ha-atzmaut, and Yom Ha-Zikaron, among others, we sponsor speakers and panel discussions, Israeli films and special community events. The committee welcomes input from all Emunah members, and some of our most successful initiatives have grown out of their suggestions. Contact co-chairs Harvey Lowell and Rachel Raz for more information.

Ladle Fund

Founded by Fred Ezekiel, a longtime active member of Temple Emunah, the Ladle Fund supports innovative activities that strengthen our community through enriched relationships. The Ladle Fund events reflect community interests and have included Soup Nights, Ice Cream Socials, Crafts, and Healthcare Professionals.

The Ladle Fund team is made up of current co-chairs Arleen Chase and Méli Solomon; the advisory committee consists of David Ezekiel, Fred Ezekiel (Founder Emeritus), Robin Goldstein, Joelle Gunther, Helen Marcus, Bob Russman-Halperin, Linda Skolnik, and Terri Swartz-Russell. Please contact the Ladle Fund Committee Co-Chairs with any questions or comments.

To request funding from the Ladle Fund, please fill out this form, and return it to the Ladle Fund mailbox, or to Meli Solomon’s email.

Theme Minyan Night: A Theme Minyan is a friendly gathering of temple members following the weekday evening minyan and hosted by the event organizer. Joelle Gunther and Bob Russman-Halperin are the organizers and welcome your ideas. Click here for the Theme Minyan Guidelines.


The Membership Committee works with current and prospective members to help drive membership recruitment, integration and retention. The Committee organizes events like the annual New Baby Shabbat and continually partners with individuals and groups across Temple Emunah in programming, activities and operation to meet the needs of all Members.

Click here to learn more.

Wisdom Project

The Wisdom Project was started in 2011 by Gerry Stechler and Toni Halton Stechler as a forum for older members of our community to come together and support one another. Although strength and agility may decline with age, personal wisdom need not. In fact, with proper nurturing, wisdom may grow, as we take advantage of our accumulated experiences and a broader perspective on life. Wisdom implies finding ways of handling the inevitable challenges of life, loss, and death.

Participants discuss any topics that they choose,  and we also invite guests to lead us in discussions and enhance our wisdom. All are welcome.

For questions, contact Toni.

Emunah Sports

Temple Emunah is proud of being an active community, whether spiritually or physically. We hope you join us in one of our various sports offerings. All year we have meditation and yoga groups and in the Spring and Fall, we have a softball team, weekly bike rides, walking groups, and more. For more information, please contact the office.

Join fellow congregants who are interested in keeping fit and staying connected socially!

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