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Perek Yomi

The Perek Yomi (daily chapter) study group meets on a regular basis to read and discuss the Bible. This group meets once a month at 8 pm.

The original Perek Yomi concept, promoted by the Conservative movement, was to read one chapter a day, eventually covering the entire Hebrew Bible. Our group has modified this approach since 30 chapters are too much to discuss in one meeting. It is instead proceeding at a more leisurely pace of about 12 chapters per month.

The point of this program is to read material that goes beyond what is read in the synagogue, to do this in consecutive fashion (as opposed to, say, the haftarot), and to discuss it with peers (not experts). Participants use different translations and bring in material from a variety of sources as well as their own ideas, which leads to very insightful discussions.

For the exact dates and more information contact Larry Marin.

Talmud Study Group 

With Dr. I Ely Stillman

The Temple Emunah Talmud Study Group invites you to join our ongoing study of Tractate Berakhot.  All who are interested are welcome to join; knowledge of Hebrew is not required, since Dr. Stillman translates all Hebrew source materials during the study group sessions.

For more information contact Louis Stuhl or Lou Nidus.

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