Racial Justice Shabbat

January 19th and 20th, 2024

Temple Emunah is honored to be welcoming several speakers over Shabbat including Rev. Rahsaan Hall, Armand Coleman, and Leslie Credle. Join us as the community gathers to learn more about the injustices of our legal system, especially for people of color, the challenges returning citizens face, and how we can act to restore justice.

Sponsored by the Racial Justice Education Committee, the Racial Justice Action Committee, The GBIO support group of Temple Emunah, and the Ladle Fund

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Friday, January 19th at 7:30 pm

Following Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv, we will have a community Shabbat dinner in the Rubinstein Social Hall. The meal will be vegetarian and cooked home-style by David and Becky Landis Catering.

  • Adult meals (ages 18+): $18
  • Children (under 18): Free

At 7:30 pm, everyone is invited to join us in hearing from the panel of speakers. Rev. Rahsaan Hall will speak about the racial disparities in policing communities of color that lead to mass incarceration of people of color and an over reliance on a punitive approach to justice. He will also talk about the importance of addressing the needs of the community and the impact of poverty. Armand Coleman will share his own story of being incarcerated, discovering the approach of restorative justice and how he came to create the Transformational Prison Project he now directs.

Saturday, January 20th during Shabbat Shaharit

On Saturday morning, Rev. Hall will return to speak on the topic of the challenges faced by Returning Citizens. Leslie Credle will also speak, sharing her personal story as a Returning Citizen and how she came to create the organization she now directs.

Saturday, January 20th at 1:00 pm

At Kiddush at 1:00 pm, Rahsaan Hall and Leslie Credle will elaborate on this topic. All three speakers will then be available to answer questions.

Recommended Education

We encourage you to prepare for this Shabbat by beginning to educate yourself on these topics beforehand. Temple Emunah will be providing links to articles to learn more and sending a link to a film that will be available for watching for a limited time (Jan. 14-18). We also invite you to learn about the speakers and the organizations they lead by reading below!

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