Shabbat Speaker – Rob Leikind, Director of AJC New England

Shabbat Speaker - Rob Leikind, Director of AJC New England


April 17, 2021    
9:30 am - 1:00 pm
What does anti-Jewishness look like today and how do we see it?
Rob Leikind has been director of AJC New England since 2008. During his tenure, he has worked with a passionate lay and professional team to build a vibrant AJC New England dedicated to advancing AJC’s global program to fight antisemitism and other forms of hate; advance democratic values at home and abroad; and ensure a secure and peaceful future for the State of Israel.
Rob began his career working with Holocaust survivors in Brooklyn, New York. A lawyer by training, he served as an Assistant District Attorney before going on to be Director of the ADL’s Connecticut and Boston offices and Senior Vice President of Hebrew College.
Rob has been a contributor to various media on topics ranging from Israel and anti-Semitism to intergroup relations and civil rights. He received his bachelor’s degree from Vassar College, an M.S. from Columbia University and his J.D. from the Boston College Law School.
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