Jewish Resistance: They Fought Back (a New Take on the Holocaust) with Guest Speakers Paula Apsell & Yael Beals

November 18, 2021, 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Temple Emunah’s Adult Education Committee invites you to learn about this important aspect of Holocaust resistance from filmmaker Paula Apsell.

During this informative evening, Paula will show short clips of her two films: Holocaust Escape Tunnel, which has already been released, and Resistance, which is currently being produced. She will also share some personal stories. The evening will end with Q&A.

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About Holocaust Escape Tunnel:

In June 2016, NOVA joined an international team of archeologists on an expedition to locate the last traces of a vanished people: the Jews of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, known in colloquial Yiddish as Vilna. In the process, they made an extraordinary find — a hidden escape tunnel dug by Jewish prisoners at the Ponar death pits. In a powerful film, “Holocaust Escape Tunnel,” NOVA reveals the dramatic discovery and shares incredible stories from the descendants of this unique group of Holocaust survivors. The documentary takes viewers on a scientific quest to unveil the secret history of Vilna and shed light on a nearly forgotten chapter of the Holocaust.

About Resistance:

Focused on the resistance of Jews to the Nazi regime, this 90-minute feature documentary with the working title Resistance, along with a website and educational materials is designed to illuminate an aspect of the conventional Holocaust story that may be known to scholars but not to most ordinary people. Our goal is nothing less than a corrective to the dominant narrative of the Holocaust, one in which Jewish victims went passively to their deaths “like sheep to the slaughter.”


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