LIJS Class: Are We What We Eat?


April 3, 2024    
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join the LIJS (Lexington Institute of Jewish Studies) for a new class offering: Are We What We Eat? This course is free and will be held in person and available on Zoom. For this class, Rabbi Jordi Battis of Temple Isaiah will be teaching on “Jewish Food?”

Description: When American Jews ask this question, we often leap to thinking about bagels, lox, and matzah ball soup—but that’s because the majority of Jewish people in the US are from Ashkenazi backgrounds. What about falafel? Burekas? Pickled lemons? So, maybe Jewish foods are about personal or adopted family traditions… or would it be better to say that if Jews have eaten it somewhere in the world at some point in history, it’s Jewish? We’ll explore the idea of Jewish food and why we care about it so much.

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