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Wednesday, Nov 28th 8:00pm - 9:30pm


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Tuesday, Dec 4th 8:00pm - 10:00pm

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Wednesday, Nov 28th 7:15pm - 9:45pm

Membership Committee

The mission of the Membership committe is to welcome, assist, facilitate, introduce and help the community in any way we can.

Our focus is to support both prospective members and present members

Prospective Members:

When we hear about prospective members, we reach out and see how we can help. This often leads to email exchanges, phone calls or a plan to meet for coffee – whatever works. Some prospective members hear about us from friends; others are new to the area having relocated for work or school, and have loads of questions. We are happy to respond to all inquiries in a caring, professional and confidential way, knowing that the decision-making process takes time. Some are familiar with a Conservative synagogue environment, and for others, it is entirely new and this process can seem daunting. Our community is made up of members from a variety backgrounds and religious observances. If you are curious about whether the TE community is the right match, we can help or find a member with further insight. We are always available to reply to your questions. We welcome your questions. Check out the TE calendar and see what we're up to: stop in at a minyan; join us for any events; or maybe just for a Kiddush on Saturday morning and see what's up.

What are the benefits of membership in the Temple Emunah community?

Full participation within the welcoming inclusive and egalitarian community is our hallmark. There are a number of varied opportunities for social, intellectual and religious growth, as a way to foster personal development and meaningful connections. Just to mention a few of our many ways to engage: learning to lead a service, read Torah and Haftorah, Social Action initiatives, food pantry coordination, coaching synagogue youth sports teams, teaching, meeting delegates from Israel's Technion University, mixing martinis for party nights, and more!

Benefits of Membership:

  • the opportunity to worship with the congregation and fully participate in services
  • the ability to further the mission of the synagogue by becoming a member or chair of a committee,  and/or an officer, a director or a trustee
  • the opportunities to socialize and learn together throughout the year
  • the opportunity to stay abreast of current temple events and happenings via the Temple newsletter
  • the right to attend all meetings of members and to vote
  • the right to purchase High Holiday seats for your immediate family
  • the opportunity to enroll your children in the pre-school
  • the opportunity to enroll your children in the religious school
  • the ability to rent Temple spaces for reduced member rates
  • the joy of celebrating your children becoming B'nai Mitzvot
  • the privilege of having a clergy member officiate at your family's marriages and funerals for you, your children and your parents
  • the opportunity to purchase burial plots
  • the right to pastoral visits and counseling

Additional, less tangible benefits:

Beyond all the advantages listed above, being a member of Temple Emunah brings you  invaluable benefits such as:

  • the satisfaction of doing the right thing and compliance with the values you treasure
  • the sense of fraternity
  • the refusal of exclusion
  • the non-coercive education of our children
  • a non-dogmatic approach to faith
  • a traditional observance without constraints
  • egalitarianism between men and women
  • solidarity toward the Jewish community as a whole, toward the other American citizens, the United States of America, and the State of Israel.

It is quite understandable that these advantages are, as a whole, rather symbolic. It is there to express a sense of belonging and fidelity, but not to allow the members to "get value for their money", like when one joins a gym or a club. On the other end, there is no such thing as a free lunch and a financial participation is essential to the survival of our synagogue. Without money, our community simply does not exist. It goes without saying that we are totally non-profit and that what is given to us is totally invested in the life and edification of the community. All the members of the community are entitled to access the financials, to check how the money is used, and the budget is submitted each year to the general assembly of members.

Present Members:

We facilitate the creation of connections within the Emunah community. Some members find their place in the community through worship or leading services, while others through study, volunteering at the pre-school, library, or kitchen, tutoring, singing, social action or Israel trips. Still others connect through bike rides, softball, cooking classes, beer brewing, Ping-Pong, yoga, and more. We sponsor a number of events to encourage participation and we assist in the formation of havurot. This is a special community that fosters scholarship, meaning, friendship and fun. Let us know how we can support you.

About the Membership Committee:

First, we simply like to get together. We know what our mission is and from there we just start planning fun stuff to do. As a group, we mirror the synagogue's membership: young professionals, new parents, retirees, new to Emunah, and life-long members. Contact us anytime.

We welcome your questions & comments - contact:

a rabbi: Rabbi Lerner or Rabbi Fel

the Executative Director: Amy Zazlow

a current member

the membership committee

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