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President's Message

Shalom Temple Emunah Family!

We are now adjusting to shorter days, longer nights, and colder temperatures. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I am looking forward to us all celebrating together the bright lights of the Hannukiah.

This bulletin article is going to focus on a topic that is vitally important to the sustainability of our community: Fundraising and Development Work.

For many of us who have been part of Temple Emunah for a long time, we remember when our dues and some ways and means events covered most of our expenses. We had many volunteers who helped with all of our fundraising efforts. Life was certainly what we might call “simpler” then.

It is important to note that revenue from dues does not cover all our expenses (see chart below). Like all non-profit organizations, fundraising and development work is something that we must focus on all year round.

We need to do this because our congregation is very diverse and we want to provide for a wide range of needs, including spiritual, educational, and community-building. In addition, we need to plan for sustainability in both good and bad times, and we need to have funds in our endowment for future needs.

In the past, Temple Emunah had an active Ways and Means Committee that organized lots of events that put the “fun” in fundraising. We had art auctions, casino nights, bowling nights, concerts, etc. For the past several years, we have not had any members stepping up to chair or be a member of such a committee. As a result, we have had to rely on other methods.

As a synagogue, we really have three seasons of giving:

  • Summer: Dues Commitments
  • Fall: Kol Nidre/Annual Appeal
  • Spring: Special events like Emunah 60

Temple Emunah has a history of being a generous congregation. I want to thank each and every one of you for participating as you are able in our fundraising efforts. And equally important, I value all of the volunteer work you do at Temple Emunah – whether you are reading Torah, leading a service, shopping for Wednesday Breakfast, doing landscaping in our new Woodland Garden, helping in the kitchen on Shabbat morning, tutoring our b’nei mitzvah students, joining a committee, or attending a shiva – I thank you for making our community a welcoming place for all.

As we enter into 2020, we will be encouraging all members to become more involved, and that includes fundraising. If you have an interest in helping in this area, please reach out to me directly.

And please join me and your fellow congregants in all of our exciting events for Emunah 60 – starting with our Shabbat Dinner on January 31 and our Sock Hop with Temple Isaiah on Feb. 22. Thank you and Be Well!

Judy Zola - President

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